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Found injured wildlife? Call N.A.R.G. 02 4846 1900


With the help of friends, neighbours, volunteers and backpackers who are philanthropic, altruistic, passionate and dedicated, we are a volunteer-run, self-funded wombat refuge in South Eastern NSW, Australia.


We save wombats and you can help!

Did you know that it costs around $1400 and takes up to 2.5 years
to raise an orphaned baby wombat pinkie to adulthood ready for release into the Aussie bush?

From hand-feeding pinkies through the night, to rescuing and providing rehabilitation for injured adult wombats, we provide around- the- clock care with the ultimate goal of releasing every wombat back to their natural environment.


We receive no government assistance (apart from modest insurance cover for NSW wildlife rescuers) and therefore rely on the kindness and generosity of the general public to fund ongoing care for wombats in need.

By sponsoring our animals, you can help us to buy milk for our pinkies,
provide food for the adults, and continue to develop, improve and maintain 
the refuge compounds and grazing yards.

Ever hit a wombat or found one in need of assistance?

Refuge owners, Bill and Lesley Waterhouse speak with Lish from ABC Radio Canberra about wombat rescue, feeding and releasing!


Founded in 2002 by Bill and Les Waterhouse, Majors Creek Wombat Refuge (MCWR) has been rescuing and caring for injured and orphaned wombats for almost two decades. This involves everything from four-hourly feeds for pinkies (baby wombats, so called because they're still pink and hairless) to the rescue and rehabilitation of injured adult wombats. Our ultimate aim is to nurse these incredible creatures back to health before releasing them back into the wild where they belong.
We are not having visits at the moment, sorry.
Visits to our refuge to meet some of our wombats will be possible later in the year but only after contacting us to make appropriate arrangements. This is our home and not a commercial zoo.
Please email or text or phone 0411 375 275.

Huge thanks to Native Animal Rescue Group who subsidise the cost of milk for the babies.

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