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An amazing find...

I was driving along Northangera Road when I saw a dark shape on the side of the road. I soon realised it was a baby wombat, so reversed to check if she was ok. I was pretty worried because cars tend to speed up that road and there have been quite a few wildlife fatalities this spring/summer.

When I got out of the car, she immediately moved up to stand between my feet, and every time I moved she moved with me so she could maintain her position (I suspect she felt I was large enough to make excellent cover!) She looked pretty battered so I picked her up, wrapped her in a blanket and put her in the back seat of my car... she was so placid I was frightened she was in shock and wasn't going to make it. On a late Saturday afternoon, when I am sure Bill had other things he would rather have been doing, he did not hesitate to meet me in Braidwood, collect Ebony, assure me she would be ok, and take her back to his refuge. I am very passionate about our wildlife so I am very grateful for the work of the refuge. - Suzanne Gearing ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *UPDATE* At 4.5kg, Ebony is doing well here at the refuge. The huge scab on her back has finally peeled off after weeks of Les putting cream on it and providing her with nourishing milk. Ebony is a very friendly little wombat and is now free to play and run around with a whole new lease on life. She is now bunkmates with Jinx and Buffy who are just a little younger than her. (If you'd like to make a donation, just head to our fundraising page)

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