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A volunteer's perspective

A quiet country village comprising a pub, a post office (inside the pub!) and a handful of houses on acreage, Majors Creek is as far removed from my home in SE London, England as I ever thought I'd be.

I have been volunteering at MCWR for three weeks now and it has honestly been the most interesting and noteworthy part of my Australian working holiday so far. Almost every day has brought with it a new experience. Here are just a few:

- using an overlocker to sew artificial pouches

- attending a native wildlife carer course

- rescuing a pinkie from its mother's pouch

- driving a 4WD Ute

- disassembling roller doors

- releasing rehabilitated wombats

- restructuring enclosure boundaries

- rescuing a kangaroo joey

- going to the vets

- nursing sick wombats

- picking grass for the older wombats

- feeding and watering the older wombats every day

- painting and decorating volunteer accommodation

And best of all... CUDDLING BABY WOMBATS!

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