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Christmas 2023. Lots o' wombats!

Hi all. We have had a very busy time in the lead up to the festive season- many babies and adults coming into care, probably as a result of the stormy weather. We had six in a week a few weeks back and these four chose to stay with us (not much choice really!). They were around 400gm to begin and are now (Christmas Eve) around a kilo and are starting to pay attention to the world around them.

Henry, Alice, Emily and Abigail now join the other 13 that are in care.

Happy Xmas everyone from all of us here at Majors Creek Wombat Refuge. Be happy, be safe, drive with care and report injured wildlife to the local group near you or us at MCWR 48461333 or Native Animal Rescue Group 48461900 or Wildcare 62991966.


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