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Essential upgrades thanks to generous donations

Autumn has finally reached us here in Beautiful Majors Creek with warm sun and chilly winds. Our thoughts are with those facing dangerous fires and we are worried about our furry and scaly friends up there in Southern Sydney especially.

Thankfully the upgrades to the wombat shed made possible by our wonderful benefactors has eased the transition to the cooler weather. The completed wall and ceiling lining has stabilised the temperature considerably. You can tell Jock is fairly comfortable judging by the photo and Millie is so impressed she decided to knock the roof off her box and sleep underneath it. (Yes she is under there)!!

The air conditioning is to be installed this week (Mid April) and that will mean we can save considerable $$$ by not having to run column heaters all winter. Sounds extravagant doesn't it but by all reports it will mean a substantial reduction in our ongoing winter electricity costs at the refuge. We are currently investigating the installation of a solar system to further reduce energy costs.

Recently an anonymous donor gave us enough money to buy a "Wombat Transport Trailer"! It came about through a couple of Facebook Friends suggesting it (Susie and Suzanne) and the next thing we knew, we had a dedicated "Wom- batmobile" already successfully used moving big wombats from one enclosure to their next one and for two recent releases back into the wild for Abigail and Audrey. Thank you Ms Anon (I think I know who you are!!)

We've also been busy planting future shade trees to (hopefully) protect the grazing enclosures from the Summer sun. I just wish trees grew a tad more quickly.

With daylight saving over, as in every year, we begin to worry about the influx of animals that will come into care as the winter progresses. Cars coming home from work and the animals are on the roads at the same time now and so we usually see an increase in MVA animals coming into care. Please drive carefully dawn to dusk. Call your local wildlife group for assistance if you hit someone!

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